Hello, I'm Vinca

I am a UX designer and developer with a penchant for solving problems. My experience is in web applications like landing pages, preference centers, and forms, email marketing, journey mapping and prototyping. I play well with in-house marketing teams and creative agencies. I love a good brainstorm session where any and all ideas are thrown on the table.

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I have over 10 years of marketing experience. What began as a certificate in Web Design from the Art Institute, my experience labored on from personal websites, to in-house email marketing and print ads, to now agency work where my skills are more focused on fully responsive and interactive email builds and multi-step preference form pages using Vue componentry.

I enjoy mapping user journeys to capture the vision and measure the success of the client’s goal. I work closely with designers to prototype projects and I’m constantly seeking design processes to help bridge design<dev<tech/backend teams. I work in agile environments, so these bridges are tested and honed so teams are working efficiently.

I really like building in HTML/CSS, and I can build from scratch and from frameworks. Vue and Javascript are catching on, so I’m really excited to continue my path as a UX developer and designer.


This should be the fore-front of all designers and front-end developers. Accessibility simply increases your audience and product exposure, thus increasing your market. But most importantly, it's a moral obligation. Everyone should be able to access what the web has to offer.

Added bonus is that creating an accessible application, you're in ADA compliance and it boosts your SEO. It's a win for everyone. I wrote a 3-part blog on email accessiblity for developers.

You can read about my thoughts on accessibility here.