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I am a front end developer with a penchant for solving problems. My experience is in web builds, email marketing, seo, and print. I play well with in-house marketing teams and creative agencies. I love a good brainstorm session where any and all ideas are thrown on the table.

Front End

My area of focus is front end development but it's got a twist to it. I like to pay attention to user journeys - this comes from a background in analytics (SEO, Ad words, A/B testing). My code is thoughtful.


I have extensive experience in email marketing; design, code, QA, and deployment. Coding for email is extremely volatile due to the literally thousands of variations (someone conservatively calculated over 15,000) a developer must keep in mind.

This makes me produce very clean code, but more importantly, I'm used to testing and retesting a bunch of times to make sure the code is quality. I also am very aware of life after the click - in landing page designs and responsive code.

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A pet project turned into developing a visual aid in our team's creative process at the same time, produced a legacy grid pattern reference. I teamed up with another developer while I was doing an internal heuristic site audit. We wanted to develop a pattern library for our creative and development teams and we wanted it simple, but demonstrate how we can provide a living documentation of how our website is built.

It turned into a wonderful experience in exercising our own capabilities as well as how much we learned about our journey towards a better understanding of our company's site. What originally was plotted out as a backend restructuring, turned into a fine collaboration of front-end design and code development.

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Art Work

I can't have a portfolio without showing a bit of my art. Below are some of my most recent works in pen and ink, and you can view more on Instagram. I lean towards repetitive patterns to create the whole and cannot pull myself away from linear methods. A bold line speaks volumes.

My work consists of animals, murals, nature, booze and outer space.